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An active lifestyle needs a little help to stay healthy.

Physical Medicine is part of the balance that keeps you active

Welcome to North Green Physical Medicine, where we provide compassionate, holistic healing to the wide range of patients that walk through the doors of our warm, inviting clinic every single day.

Few things can be more demoralizing than chronic pain. Whether this pain manifests itself in your back, neck, hips, knees and ankles or other areas of the body, the highly trained and experienced staff at North Green is prepared to trace the root cause of the pain and bring it to a quick, efficient resolution.

We bring our healing power to people of all walks of life

A lot of people assume that only those with physically demanding jobs or hobbies are subjected to this chronic form of pain. In reality, just about anyone can suffer from misalignments and nerve compression within their bodies, causing pain that can greatly diminish the quality of their lives. Pain can also originate from things like weight gain, stress and other factors, which our team also addresses.

The staff at North Green works extensively with such types of patients as:

Physical laborers
Professionals with desk jobs
And more

The difference between consulting with North Green and relying on traditional doctors is that our team is comprised of true healers. We target your pain at the root and make lasting fixes. Many folks are told to try to mask their pain with powerful medications, which can have an adverse effect on their health in the long run.

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We provide effective treatment and extensive education

Here at North Green, we provide close, personal service for each and every patient that we work with. It’s of the utmost importance to teach each patient exactly what is going on inside their bodies and why it’s causing them pain. This education will allow them to better recognize signs of problems within their bodies and consult with one of our team members to fix them.

Our holistic approach to healing includes modalities like myofascial work, sports rehab, physiotherapies, traction & decompression, and other electrical modalities. It also may include chiropractic adjustments, which are highly effective at remedying a wide range of ailments, from back and neck pain to migraine headaches. Our team can help you determine healthier ways to live — from diet and exercise routines to vitamins and supplements that can better fuel your better. We even have a counselor on staff to walk with you on a journey to enhanced emotional and mental health.

Schedule an appointment with North Green Chiropractic & Physical Medicine

We want to thank you for considering North Green for your pain and health needs. It’s easy to schedule an appointment with our staff. We invite you to come visit us and see how we can greatly enhance the quality of your life.